Eksteen Lindeque

Agricultural Engineer (Nelspruit)

BSc (Agricultural Engineering)
Specialist Fields
  • Agro-Processing
  • Packhouses
  • Irrigation & Drainage
  • Water License
Knowledge of and experience in all areas of the agricultural industry, including research, planning and design, equipment, construction and installation project management and contract administration, budget control and technical advice and support:

  • In-depth knowledge and understanding of the agricultural industry and irrigation systems in particular.
  • Planning and design of irrigation systems, pumpstations and pipelines.
  • Planning and desgin of water runoff control structures.
  • Hydrology studies and determination of catchment areas and MAR's.
  • Planning of animal housing facilities.
  • Compiling master development plans.
  • Evaluation of irrigation systems.
  • Topographical surveys.
  • Experienced in the sale of irrigation and other related equipment, supplying technical advice on various irrigation products, irrigation systems and agricultural needs.
  • Managing and coordinating the implementation of irrigation and other agricultural engineering projects, including supervision, quality control, operation and maintenance, technical advice and support.
  • Cost analysis and budget control.
  • Facilitate water use license applications.
  • Compilation of tender document.

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