Mark Zartmann

CEO MBB Services International, Managing Director MBB Consulting Engineers (Pietermaritzburg)
BSc Eng (Agricultural), MSc Eng
Specialist Fields
  • Irrigation & Drainage
  • Bulk Water Supply
  • Dams & Water Resources
  • Dam Safety
Mr. M Zartmann is a professional engineer with over twenty five years experience in main agriculture, water, and irrigation related projects. The scope of experience within these fields ranges from preliminary investigation and conceptual design to detailed design, implementation and project management. Responsibility levels, likewise, range from being a junior member of a design team, overall project responsibility since 1997, and recently managing director of the Pietermaritzburg office and Director of MSI.

An important factor in the field of agricultural engineering is a multi-disciplinary integration of agricultural practices and engineering design. This knowledge, inter alia, contributes to a unique approach to engineering design in agricultural projects, as practiced and evolved by Mr. Zartmann, with particular emphasis on large-scale agricultural developments. In the irrigation field, Mr. Zartmann has been responsible for the design and project control on a number of large-scale irrigation projects including food crops, tea, and sugar cane, ranging in size from 50ha to 14 000ha.

These works include all aspects of development, from pump station design to hydraulic and pipeline networks. Mr. Zartmann's in-depth knowledge of a number of hydraulic design programmes and his technical understanding of pipeline hydraulics enable him to optimally design complex irrigation networks. Mr. Zartmann's irrigation knowledge also extends to the optimal design of flood irrigation, and in particular to the optimisation of earthworks required for the leveling of agricultural fields. A significant period of Mr. Zartmann's professional career has been spent in the design and implementation of rural potable water, supply schemes. This work has primarily emanated from the SA government's drive for the provision of domestic water to dispersed rural communities.

Mr. Zartmann has for a period of eight years been involved at different levels, as the subject co-ordinator, lecturer and external examiner for the final year B.SC (Agricultural Engineering) irrigation engineering course at the University of KwaZulu-Natal.

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