Director (Pietermaritzburg)

BSc Eng (Agricultural), MSc Eng (Agricultural)
Specialist Fields
  • Irrigation and drainage
  • Bulk Water Supply
  • Dams & water Resources
  • Dam Safety
Mike Udal is a professional agricultural engineer with 17 years’ experience in a wide range of engineering disciplines, both local and international. Prior to joining MBB, Mr. Udal spent a number of years with other consulting engineering firms in the fields of irrigation, water, and drainage, including time spent in the United States and Tanzania. Much of his work was spent modeling and designing irrigation, water, stormwater, and drainage schemes. He has strong project management skills, having worked in dedicated project management and construction management positions. Three years were spent as construction manager on a large agricultural construction site in Tanzania supervising and administering contracts for bulk earthworks, large pump station construction works, pipeline installation and backfill, electrical reticulation installation and irrigation installation.

He also has experience in large irrigation system management and operations. Since joining MBB, he has been involved in the design and construction of a number of dams, pump stations, and pipelines, in addition to a number of studies, assessments and Dam Safety Inspections. More recently he was lead designer of the Ludeke Dam, a 40m high Category III clay-cored rockfill dam in the Eastern Cape. The dam was completed in 2014. Mr. Udal has been invited to talk at a number of symposia and short courses on aspects of dam design and hydraulic engineering, including the SANCOLD Annual Conference 2011. He is a key design engineer in the Pietermaritzburg office of MBB and is a Director and shareholder of the company.

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