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“A one-stop service for effective, creative solutions in water supply, storage, construction management, inspections and repairs”

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Why Choose Us?

We specialise in the planning, design, construction, rehabilitation and legislative requirements of water supply through pump stations, pipelines and canals. Having served this industry since 1973, our experienced and competent team of practical and entrepreneurial engineers have an exceptional balance between technical expertise and business sense.

Our Difference

  • Holistic approach: At MBB, we consider the big-picture of lifecycle cost optimisation. We limit project risks by ensuring experts’ inputs are applied to planning, from concept to completion.
  • Approved Specialists: We have a team of dedicated Professional Engineers and Technicians, ensuring a safe, sustainable and effective design.
  • Practical: We design systems that suit the end-user; from complex and automated industrial systems to robust and simple farm solutions.
  • African solutions for African problems: We understand African conditions.
Footprint in Africa
MBB is an established company of consulting engineers, environmental management professionals, quantity surveyors and project managers.
  • Recipient of a SAACE Award for Excellence in Consulting Development Engineering.
  • Experience in over 2 000 water projects.
  • Offices in South Africa in Pietermaritzburg, Nelspruit, Stellenbosch, Grahamstown and Mtunzini.

Our Core Services

  • Pump Stations: From small water supply and irrigation pump stations to major bulk water river abstraction points for irrigation, domestic and industrial supply.
  • Pipelines: We are focused on delivering better designs through life-cycle cost optimisation. This is essential in limiting the total investment; optimised designs have significant lifelong benefits.
  • Canals: Our experience in bulk water supply, distribution, measurement and control systems in open channels, which range from earth to plastic and concrete lined, ensures the best product for your particular requirements.

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