Zambia Canals

Project value: US$2.5 million Size/capacity: 450 l/s MBB carried out the detailed design for rehabilitation of a concrete lined canal network for flood irrigation of smallgrower sugarcane in Zambia. The canals ranged from 40 l/s to 450 l/s supply capacity in order to serve 408 ha.

Chiawa Pipeline

Project value: US$2.5 million Size/capacity: Ø1 100mm to Ø1 300mm In Zambia, MBB conducted the water hammer analysis and detailed design of a pipeline and surge alleviation structures, plus construction supervision of large bore glass reinforced plastic (GRP) pipelines, ranging from Ø1 100mm to Ø1 300mm diameter over a distance of 6 500m.

Friedenheim Pump Station and Hydro-electric plant

Project value: R3.2 million (1986) Size/capacity: 793 l/s MBB visualized, designed and developed an innovative 2 MW hydroelectric power plant and pump station, supplying power to the pump station and delivering water for 1 367 ha of irrigation through a 2.4 km long, Ø700mm steel pipeline via 4 x 300 kW centrifugal pumps. The excess power generated […]