Tyler Bain

Senior Agricultural Engineer (Pietermaritzburg)

BEng (Civil)
Specialist Fields
  • Bulk Water Supply
  • Dams & Water Resources
  • Dam Safety
Tyler Bain is a Professional Civil Engineer with 17 years’ experience in a wide range of civil and agricultural engineering projects. The projects Mr Bain has been involved in, amongst others, include water reticulation, bulk conveyance (pipelines and canals), irrigation, roads, small structures, pump stations and earth dams. Mr Bain has gained significant experience in the design, construction and safety evaluation of small, medium and large earth and rockfill dams.

Mr Bain is registered as an Approved Professional Person (APP) for medium sized dams with the Department of Water Affairs’ Dam Safety Office. Mr Bain has been involved in all phases of a project cycle, i.e. from concept/feasibility stage, through design and to implementation.

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