Building relationships as well as we build infrastructure

Replacement of 600 mm flanged Butterfly Valve with gearbox at Essex Chamber 1 on route 8
June 28, 2018
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Building relationships as well as we build infrastructure

We’re in the infrastructure industry, but we don’t limit our growth to just the concrete external developments. The time has come for us to toss the seriousness of hard hats and suits and involve ourselves on a more human interaction. We want to keep you updated and in the loop with our evolvement. You don’t have to come into the office to know more about us because this is how we will reach you.

Our interactive website: We have a new website on the horizon and it will be a reflection of how we as MBB International services stand out from our competitors. The website will be easy to navigate so you can get the information you want without any obstructions. The relationship we have with you can be sustained if we remain transparent, and on our website, we have a ‘Projects’ tab so you are informed of what we involve ourselves with, as well as how we have grown and maintained our reputation.

We’re getting social: The convenience of having your world on your fingertips is what makes social media so popular. We want to be part of the fun, so we have made our way to the LinkedIn community. Here, you will receive frequent posts relating to our profession, us as just every day people, and general information that will connect you to our website.

Hear it first: Who doesn’t like being the first to know the latest? You will be given the opportunity to subscribe to our newsletters, which will then be sent straight to your inbox on a quarterly basis. These newsletters will keep you informed and up-to-date with what we do and any new developments within the industry.

We’re engaging: If you are part of our communication platform, you will also receive campaigns for you to interact.

We at MBB International Services are extremely excited about our new marketing platforms and we welcome you to join us on our new communications journey. Feel free to get involved by interacting with us on social media and through our newsletter.
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