Expanded Public Works Program

Creating innovative solutions for a prosperous future

Why Choose Us?

MBB has critical experience in the implementation of EPWP projects from project initiation, through implementation, reporting, training and skills transfer. MBB has professionally qualified staff who have been trained and certified at NQF5 and NQF7 levels in Labour Intensive Construction (LIC) Methods required for EPWP Projects.

Our Difference

At MBB, we consider the big-picture of lifecycle cost optimisation. We limit project risks by ensuring experts’ inputs are applied to planning, from concept to completion.

 We have a team of dedicated Professional Engineers and Technicians, ensuring a safe, sustainable and effective design.

We design and manage systems that suit the end-user.

We understand African conditions.

Quick Facts

Our Core Services

In agreement with government’s policy on job creation, MBB adopt the mission to manage programmes to provide poverty and income relief through temporary work for the unemployed to carry out socially useful activities. We implement projects in Infrastructure, Non-State, Environment, Tourism & Culture and Social sectors through;

  • Labour intensive infrastructure projects.
  • Work opportunities through the Non-Profit Organisation Programme (NPO) and Community Work Programme (CWP) under the Non-State sector.
  • Work opportunities in public social programmes under the Social sector
  • Small, Micro and Medium Enterprise (SMME) Development

Key Professionals

Pravesh Nosib

Wouter Visser

Luke Mafuma