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Through our project work and experience, MBB Consulting Engineers acted as the agent for American manufactured IMS Dredgers in a number of Southern African countries, for more than 14 years. We retain extensive experience in dredging and have undertaken a wide variety of challenging projects, often in remote locations, across the continent.

The Versi-Dredger, IMS’s leading product, is one of the most reliable, high performance and easy to operate hydraulic dredgers in the world. It is transportable on one truck, straightforward to maintain, highly manoeuvrable, safe and durable, and can deliver up to 40% increased productivity, which translates into considerable time saving on projects. Across the product range, dredging can be achieved at depths of up to 28 m.

IMS Dredgers developed and patented the Starwheel Drive self-propulsion system, which has revolutionized dredging by eliminating the entire cable rigging process and turning the dredger into a self-propelled, one man operation.

The two Starwheel paddles can be lowered and raised independently and can work at variable speeds allowing the dredger to turn inside the confines of narrow waterways. On the surface, the Starwheels act as paddlewheels allowing the dredger to quickly and easily cut through light materials such as sludge and soft mud. On the bottom of a waterway, the Starwheels act as a traction drive system that propels the dredger forward in sand, mud, and heavier materials.

IMS Dredges also developed the Weedmaster cutter head which converts the Versi-Dredge into a weed harvesting system. Therefore, a wide variety of projects can be tackled with a single dredger instead of having to invest in several single-operation machines with multiple operators. IMS is actively involved in research and design and can customise cutter heads, and pumping and propulsion to meet the customer's requirements.

We retain close ties with IMS, and can advise you on the right product for your dredging project, backed up by their global reach and experience.
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IMS Dredgers is the world's leading supplier of one truck transportable, self-propelled dredging systems for maintaining rivers, lakes, canals, and other inland waterways. IMS has supplied hundreds of dredging systems in over 60 countries around the world.
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Why Choose Us?

  • Independent, impartial advice
  • Best solution for your application
  • Access to inside design & technical expertise

  • Experience of a wide range of shallow water dredging projects
  • Experience in high tech & low tech product de-watering
  • Experience in weed & vegetation removal

MBB Can tackle a Wide Range of Projects

  • Mine Tailing Dredging
  • Lake, Canal and Pond Dredging
  • Marina and Harbour Dredging and Maintenance
  • Sand Mining
  • Wastewater Lagoon Dredging
  • Weed Harvesting

  • Dredging Mud & Silt
  • Beach, Port and River Dredging
  • Irrigation Canal Dredging
  • Sediment pond Dredging
  • Fly and Bottom Ash Pond Dredging
  • Paper Mill Lagoon Dredging

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