Agro Processing

Creating innovative solutions for a prosperous future

Why Choose Us?

We specialise in the study, feasibility, planning, design, construction and commissioning of agro-processing facilities. Our lifeblood is agricultural processes, so we understand the full lifecycle from soil and seeds to harvest and manufacturing.

Having served this industry since 1973, our experienced and competent team of engineers and project managers have an exceptional balance between technical expertise and business sense.

Our Difference

At MBB, we consider the big-picture of lifecycle cost optimisation. We limit project risks by ensuring experts’ inputs are applied to planning, from concept to completion.

Our character is evident in the investment we put into researching new solutions.

We have more than 50 years of experience, characterised by notable projects such as being invited by the South Sudan Government to assist them with the development plans of the new Juba Agricultural Market.

Quick Facts

Our Core Services

Industrial Engineering:

  • Conceptualisation and preliminary planning
  • Master planning
  • Production planning and feasibility studies
  • Materials Handling
  • Optimised design according to food safety, retailer’s and G.A.P standards
  • Facility/Site/yard/circulation layout


  • HVAC design
  • Fire design
  • Industrial Refrigeration (cold rooms)
  • Specialised industrial refrigeration including ripening, de-greening, controlled atmosphere rooms

Key Professionals

Eksteen Lindeque

Pranesh Moodley