Structural Engineering

Structures for all time. We’re in the business of delivering African solutions to African problems

Why Choose Us?

We have a track record of outstanding proficiency in the design and specification of concrete, steel, masonry and timber structures. Having served this industry since 1973, our experienced and specialised team of engineers have an exceptional understanding of the balance between technical expertise, business sense, form and function.

Our Difference

At MBB, we take a holistic approach to projects with an emphasis on the big picture of lifecycle cost optimisation. We limit risk in project execution by reducing expenses early in the development process.

We have a group of Approved Professional Persons (APPs) and Professional Engineers (PrEng), ensuring a safe and effective design.

We understand African conditions.

We offer a complete multi-disciplinary, comprehensive in-house service, which includes all the necessary specialist skills and experience needed to plan, design and implement a project.

Quick Facts

Our Core Services

  • Concrete: Reinforced, shotcrete and precast designs
  • Building finishes: Advice and specification on finishes such as joints, tiling, paintwork, lintels, corrosion protection, rainwater goods, waterproofing and rehabilitation.
  • Floors: Fibre reinforced flooring, surface beds, surface hardening, crack-free designs, overlays (paints, tiles etc.) and specialised floors for factories, abattoirs, freezers and cold rooms, and floors for high racking warehouses.
  • Commercial: Shopping centres, parking garages, petrol stations, renovation of shopping centres and complexes.
  • Educational: Schools, universities and colleges.
  • Specialised Facilities: Computer centres, wet storage facilities.
  • Farm Structures: Silos, farm buildings, cold storage and animal housing.
  • Liquid retaining Structures: Water reservoirs, pressure towers, canals, pools and aquariums, water and sewage plants, pump stations, dams and weirs.
  • Foundations: Industrial foundations, pad, strip and piled foundations, foundations on clay and collapsing sand, raft foundations (including low-cost housing).
  • Steel: Frames, cables, composite construction, cladding and sheeting.
  • Timber: Trusses, roofs and suspended floors.
  • Industrial: Factories, warehouses, produce markets, abattoirs, freezer and cold rooms, dairies, high voltage electrical substations, chimneys, masts and towers.
  • Office premises: Corporate office blocks, office parks and tower blocks.
  • Accommodation and residential: Hotels, apartment blocks, housing, low-cost housing, mass housing schemes, university residences.
  • Sports Facilities: Indoor aquatic centres, public swimming pools.
  • Geotechnical Structures: Retaining walls and retained soil, deep basements, culverts.
  • Road Structures: Bridges, culverts and concrete pavements.