Dam Safety

Building and maintaining a dam is like putting money in the bank, investing for the future, providing insurance against dry periods, and adding value to a property.

Why Choose Us?

Our over 50 years of experience and exposure to hundreds of dams gives us a unique insight into potential problems.

We offer unique solutions to water storage requirements from small to large and including lined reservoirs to earth, masonry and concrete dams. Our solutions strive for environmental suitability and sustainability. MBB’s team of certified dam engineers have extensive experience and practical knowledge that ensure you obtain the best value-for-money facility possible.

Our Difference

At MBB, we consider the big-picture of lifecycle cost optimisation. We limit project risks by ensuring experts’ inputs are applied to planning, from concept to completion.

Our team of Approved Professional Persons for Dams (APPs) and Professional Engineers (PrEng) ensure a safe, effective and appropriate design.

We design systems that suit the end-user; from the complex to robust and durable farm solutions.

We understand African conditions.

Quick Facts

Our Core Services

It is vital that dams be classified and that those with a safety risk be inspected by Approved Professional Persons regularly, preferably every 5 years. With more than 50 years of experience in the development of small, medium and large dams in southern Africa, MBB has the expertise to ensure effective safety evaluations.

  • Dam safety evaluations and recommendations
  • Dam raising feasibility
  • Dam yield assessment
  • Dam rehabilitation planning

Key Professionals

Pranesh Moodley

Barend Marx

Mike Udal