Water Use Licensing

A one-stop service for effective, creative solutions in water supply, storage, construction management, inspections and repairs

Why Choose Us?

MBB has extensive experience in the South African National Water Act (Act 36 of 1998) since its introduction. We have compiled more than 100 Water Use License Applications and developed a wealth of knowledge and expertise to apply to your benefit. We supply a comprehensive service in water resource management that promotes compliant development to protect and manage sustainable water resources.

Our Difference

At MBB, we consider the big-picture of lifecycle cost optimisation. We limit project risks by ensuring experts’ inputs are applied to planning, from concept to completion.

We have a team of dedicated Professional Engineers and Technicians, ensuring a safe, sustainable and effective solution.

We develop systems that suit the end-user.

We understand African conditions.

Quick Facts

Our Core Services

  • Storing of water or wastewater
  • Cultivating Commercial forestry
  • Altering the beds and banks of a water course i.e. the construction of canals, bridges, roads etc.
  • Discharging wastewater
  • Abstracting surface or ground water
  • Irrigating with wastewater
  • Impeding or diverting water in a water course i.e. the construction of weirs and dams

Key Professionals

Pranesh Moodley

Barend Marx

Pravesh Nosib