Macs in Moz: Sussundenga, Mozambique

MBB (Nelspruit) has had the privilege of being a part of the Macs in Moz development team since 2015. Our involvement, though, has grown far beyond the original appointment. We were initially called in to complete the Bulk Water Supply Master Plan that would ensure adequate bulk water for the cultivation of 1500 hectares of Macadamias, 400 hectares of Avocados and 100 hectares of Litchis. Today, the continued relationship with Macs in Moz has given MBB the opportunity to become an essential part of this great endeavour.

Our new Macs in Moz projects include:

  • The detailed designs and implementation of 1 x Weir, 2 x Pump Stations, 2 x 5km Pipelines, 2 x Balancing Dams and Associated Infrastructure
  • Bridge Weir Pump Station
  • Repair of Enoch Dam
  • Enlargement of Enoch and Tafika Dam Spillways – both completed 3-4 months before the cyclone hit with 600mm rainfall in a week. Both dams survived.
  • Paula Balancing Dam
  • Detailed Drawings of various Pump Stations and Filtration Buildings
  • Expansion of their Macadamia Processing Facility
  • Water Resources Planning for CFS Farm
  • Bulk Water Supply for Tapeira Farm
  • Brazil Projects

As always, client satisfaction is the key. Considering the quality of service that MBB has become known for delivering, and our focus on client relationships, it is no wonder that our clients think of MBB first when there is work to be done.

Our relationship with Macs in Moz has proven to be a lasting one, and we look forward to our future together.

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