Ensuring Benefits for Resettled Households in Mozambique

Economic growth within Mozambique is leading to an increase in the demand for a reliable and sustainable source of energy for the country. Moz Power Invest, SA and Sasol New Energy Holdings (Pty) Ltd are proposing the construction of the Central Termica de Temane (CTT), a new gas-driven electricity generation plant near the Sasol Central Processing Facility in the Inhassoro District of Mozambique. It is anticipated that the CTT plant will produce approximately 420-450 MW of electricity.

To distribute the power, a new 25km 400kV transmission line connecting to the new substation at Vilanculos is being constructed, which necessitates the resettlement of a small number of households. ACER Africa (Pty) Ltd are responsible for the production of the Resettlement Action Plan (RAP) that meets the requirements of the World Bank Group as well as the Mozambican legislation. The RAP has been compiled with the overarching theme of ensuring that all the affected parties are left in a better position than before the resettlement. This includes ensuring improved housing, improved access to sanitation, access to electricity through solar panels and the drilling of boreholes to ensure improved access to water.

To ensure that livelihoods are not adversely affected, people losing access to agricultural land are provided with alternative land along with crop starter packs. Once the RAP has been implemented, stringent monitoring and evaluation are undertaken to ensure that the desired outcome of the resettlement process, which is that affected parties are left in a better position than previously, is met. This is environmental management in action, a win-win for all parties.

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