Zakwe Packhouse – A turnkey solution

In June 2020, MBB commenced with the construction of the Zakwe Packhouse, located near Greytown in KZN. After consultation with the Client, it was decided that the project be undertaken as a turnkey solution, with MBB being responsible for both the design and construction of the packhouse.

The packhouse was built to compliment the primary production of vegetables from four newly built greenhouse tunnels. The packhouse will receive fresh produce from the greenhouses which will then be washed, sorted and graded, packaged and stored for distribution and sale to local markets and supermarkets. The design and layout of the packhouse was based on the following criteria:

  • A daily throughput of 1,5 tonnes
  • Average of 10kg/crate, equating to 150 crates per day,
  • The design needed to allow for flexibility for variantion in the daily volumes as well as cater for various types of fresh produce
  • A facility for cold storage was also required.

To ensure sufficient water supply for both the greenhouse tunnels and packhouse addition water supply was required. This entailed the the drilling of a second borehole on the property.

The project was initially programmed for completion in September 2020 but delays, as a result of the Covid global pandemic, in the manufacture of some equipment due to material shortages taken longer than expected. This pushed completion out to early November 2020.

MBB is proud to have been a part of this successful project, and we wish the Farmer every success with his plans to expand the number of tunnels from four to ten.

The photos below show the evolution of the packhouse.