Citrus development in the Sundays River Valley (Eastern Cape)

The Citrus Growers Association Grower Development Company (CGA-GDC) is a Non-Profit Company, that acts as a special vehicle of the Citrus Growers Association. The objective of the CGA-GDC is to positively impact the transformation of the citrus industry by addressing challenges faced by and providing dedicated support to black growers.

Two farms are set to benefit in the latest undertaking. The Nomzamo Farm, which is owned by the Nomzamo Trust with 94 beneficiaries, and the Siyahluma Farms leased by the Siyahluma Gardening Project with 11 shareholders, are currently receiving support from the CGA-GDC. Both farms are located near Kirkwood in the Eastern Cape within the Lower Sunday’s River Valley. The Nomzamo farm is looking to develop its existing 114 ha of citrus by a further 80 ha while the Siyahlume Farm is currently uncultivated and intends to develop 35 ha of citrus.

MBB has been appointed by the CGA-GDC to undertake the preliminary design for the irrigation required for these farms. This includes developing a master plan for the farm that comprises all planning and design-related work required for the bulk water supply and storage and infield reticulation, including pumps and filtration.

MBB has visited the farms and carried out topographic surveys of the associated land parcels and is about to commence with the relevant designs. MBB is delighted to be part of the team for such an uplifting development, and we look forward to providing updates of the results in the future.

For further information on the CGA-GDC please visit their webpage at