Feroqs is growing: A glimpse into our new team members

At Feroqs, our commitment to growth is reflected in the diverse and dynamic individuals who become part of our family. Let’s introduce you to the latest additions, S.J. Fourie and Wiehann Mohlen, as they share their backgrounds, experiences, and aspirations.

S.J. Fourie: Bridging the Gap from Construction to Consultancy in the Feroqs Stellenbosch Office

Joining our Stellenbosch Office, S.J. Fourie is a recent addition to our new office set-up in the Western Cape. S.J. is a 26-year-old who was born in the Northern Cape and graduated from the University of the Free State in 2019. He previously worked in the construction sector in Stellenbosch. A few of the notable projects under his belt include luxury apartments in Val de Vie Estate and the historic Stellenbosch Oude Post Office.

A fun fact about S.J. – he’s not a fan of spiders. Nevertheless, he fearlessly navigates his responsibilities at Feroqs, actively contributing to projects like 17 Shelley Apartment Block Renovations, Colo Fresh Packhouse, New Residential House, Lucerne Packhouse Phase 3, and Arisa Packhouse Phase 2.

Describing his experience at Feroqs so far, S.J. expresses, “It’s an exceptionally pleasant working environment. Everyone is comfortable, friendly, and helpful. It made me realize how important it is to enjoy the work you do.” Looking ahead, S.J. aspires to register as a professional Quantity Surveyor and aims to grow in his career, ultimately obtaining the skillset to act as a successful Principal Agent and Professional Quantity Surveyor.

We ended our interview with the lighthearted question “Name three things that you can do with a brick, except count- or building with it…” S.J. cheekily declared “Braai rooster stand, chair, and a weapon (I assume for spiders..),”. Proudly embracing his South African roots. (And I thought to myself, ‘Hy kan maar bly’)

Wiehann Mohlen: Charting New Territories in Feroqs Nelspruit Office

Wiehann Mohlen is 27 years old and was born and raised in Gauteng. He graduated from Wits University in 2019. Wiehann Mohlen is an exciting addition to Feroqs and he brings with him a diverse background with previous work experience in Rwanda. Here Wiehann played a pivotal role in completing the Rukara V Hydro Plant, involving 1.2km of GRP pipes and 1.3km of penstock pipes.

A fun fact about Wiehann – he can run 5km in under 19 minutes. Currently, Wiehann is actively involved in and is contributing to projects such as Thomahawk Packhouse, Rederberg Packhouse and UCL Packhouse.

Reflecting on his experience so far at Feroqs, Wiehann notes, “There is always time for a joke or a bit of ball chat, but we’re focused on improving and investigating the standard norms used in the practice.” Joining Feroqs Nelspruit in June 2023, Wiehann hopes to register as a Professional Quantity Surveyor during his time here. He aspires to continue to develop his skills so that he may have a successful career as a Quantity Surveyor.

And, of course, we asked Wiehann the same question – “Name three things that you can do with a brick, except count – or building with it.” Wiehann responded with a touch of practicality and humour, “Use it as a doorstop, a tool to break something, and use it as a steppingstone or ladder,”.

As Feroqs continues to expand, these new team members bring fresh perspectives and a commitment to excellence, further contributing to our exciting journey in the construction and consultancy realm.