Clovelly Dam

Project value: US$ 495 980 Size/capacity: 650 000 m³

The new Clovelly Dam is a 14.3 m high zoned earth embankment dam, situated on the Bhobhobho river, 8 km to the east of Underberg in KZN. It is licenced to store 650 000 m³.

The spillway is a 60 m wide earth bywash spillway protected with concrete sills designed to pass the Regional Maximum Flood of 416 m³/s with no overtopping of the embankment. A trickle flow system keeps the spillway dry by keeping the full supply level 150 mm below spillway level. A 300 mm Ǿ steel outlet pipe serves as the main release for the dam, this is encased in reinforced concrete over its full length. The pipe is also filled with an upstream emergency closure plate should the need arise.

Internal drainage has been provided in the way of a full-height chimney drain & filter, segmented blanket drain panels, finger drains draining each panel and collection in a toe drain on each flank, all draining to an outlet headwall.