IIAM Mozambique

Project value: US$ 1.8 million
Size /capacity: 125 ha
MBB provided Consulting Services for the rehabilitation of IIAM research stations, in Chokwe (79.8 ha in Gaza Province), Umbeluzi (24.4 ha in Maputo Province) and Ribaue (20.5 ha) within Mozambique.  MBB’s appointment was over three phases and saw MBB run the project from inception through to closeout.Within Phase I and II, MBB investigated the three project sites, which were previously utilised but in a dysfunctional state.  An investigation and design were carried out to utilize available land and water and create a system of irrigation that is flexible enough to suit many crops and different irrigation strategies for the research stations.  The new irrigation systems include surface (flood), sprinkler and micro-irrigation.  The design process included concept development, preliminary design, detailed design and cost estimates, tender, adjudication and award. Phase III saw MBB being appointed to manage the contract awarded in the previous phase, through the provision of part-time site supervision during the construction and defects liability phases of the project.