TsGro Bulk Water Supply

Project value: R300m Project duration: Ongoing since 2015

MBB provides for the upgrade, operation and maintenance of bulk water supply systems for most of the small-scale grower projects in the Nkomazi area of Mpumalanga. The infrastructure delivers water from the Lomati and Komati rivers to 5 550 ha of irrigated sugarcane and consists of 44 pump stations.

Responsibilities include project management, technical evaluation, planned and unplanned maintenance, automation, pump operator services, repairs to pumps, motors, switchgear, bulk water supply pipe networks and clusters at the field edge. In addition, MBB is responsible for stock control and the design of all expansion projects.

MBB’s team consist of fitters, electricians, engineers, pump operators and general labour. MBB runs a fully equipped store that keeps stock of all required materials, ensuring a quick turnaround time with minimum outages.