IIAM Mozambique

Project value: US$ 1.8 million Size /capacity: 125 ha MBB provided Consulting Services for the rehabilitation of IIAM research stations, in Chokwe (79.8 ha in Gaza Province), Umbeluzi (24.4 ha in Maputo Province) and Ribaue (20.5 ha) within Mozambique.  MBB’s appointment was over three phases and saw MBB run the project from inception through to closeout.Within Phase […]

Giba Banana Project

Project value: US$ 1.4 million Size /capacity: 450 ha The GIBA development project (Zone 1) is a 450 Ha banana development.  The bulk water supply system consist of a new 105 000 m3 HDPE- lined dam, and a 4.7 km gravity bulk water supply pipeline (500mm diameter) from the dam to the new filtration system, and beyond.  […]

TPC-Drainage Assessment

Project value: US$ Size / capacity: The pre-existing drainage facilities on the estate comprised approximately 250 km of earth drains and associated infrastructure.  The investigation required the layout, status and conditions of the drains and culverts to be assessed and limitations and bottlenecks of the drainage to be identified as well as reviewing the drainage infrastructure […]

Macs in Moz

Project value: US$ 1.1 million Size/capacity: MBB was responsible for the development of a master plan, undertaking water resources planning, detailed hydraulic design and the compilation of bills quantities and detailed drawings as well as construction supervision and project administration of the following: 1 X Weir 2 X Pump-stations 2 X 5Km long 500mm diameter pipelines […]

Westaffin Citrus

Project value: US$ 320 000 Size/capacity: 156 ha This project saw the development of 156 ha of soft citrus under drip irrigation, for the Westaffin Heritage Lands Citrus Development.  MBB provided its full list of services for this project.

ADA Smallgrowers

Project value: US$ 3 million Size/capacity: 384 ha MBB was appointed to work on 26 projects, ten of which included irrigation assessments and development. These included: Bayonne Dairy (9 ha), Empanginsweni Community Trust (200 ha), Hlanganeni CPA (6 ha), Lanfine Estate (56 ha) and Weenan Chicory (25 ha).

Crystal Holdings

Project value: US$ 420 000 Size/capacity: 650 ha This farm irrigates about 650 ha of sugarcane via centre pivot irrigation systems. MBB carried out a technical assessment of the pumps, pipelines and irrigation systems and designed remediation measures. The overall responsibility included investigation, reporting, design alterations, tender for contracts, project management of the installation and commissioning of […]

Botswana Ministry of Agriculture

Project value: US$ 8 million Size/capacity: 27 500 ha The Botswana Ministry of Agriculture, Department of Crop Production initiated infrastructure development projects within the Pandamatenga region of Northern Botswana. This project required a design review for the commercial and small holder developments, which culminated in the redesign of all drainage plans for the scheme, covering a total […]

Mafambisse Sugar Mill and Estate

Project value: US$ 20 million Size/capacity: 3 200 ha A Sugar Mill and Estate in Mozambique required expansion of the Estate’s planted area by approximately 2 000 ha in order to accommodate a government-funded small-grower initiative and increase the utilisation of the Mill. The project included the design and construction of a 56 million m3 dam and […]