MBB’s Parallel Growth with Engineering in the Agricultural Sector

The theme of MBB’s 50 years in South Africa is paralleled in many ways by the rise of Agricultural Engineering as a recognised sector in our economy.  In the past 50 years, our company has grown alongside the agricultural sector, and we are now known as leaders in agricultural development across the continent. The emergence […]

The New Faces of MSI

2023 marks MBB Services International’s (MSI) 50th anniversary, a half-century of service and making a difference in the communities in which we are based. What better way to celebrate this legacy than by welcoming the new additions within the MSI group of Companies that we trust will add their own flair to the units they […]

Agricultural development projects

While large, infrastructure or development projects are often the focus of our business as Consulting Engineers, MBB also plays an active role in supporting small-scale developing farmers, not only as Consultants through Government agencies such as the ADA (Agricultural Development Agency (read about KZN women in agro processing) and Government Departments but also by direct […]